OREVCO is the world leader in securitized commercial real estate development – the future of commercial real estate development. The firm's projects will be primarily financed through real securities. A "real security" is a financial security whose underlying asset is a commercial property. When an individual or portfolio of OREVCO's proposed buildings are securitized, the firm will convert them into real securities, one or more of which will then be listed on the OREVCO Real Securities Exchange (ORSE) – the world’s 1st US commercial real estate securities exchange. OREVCO will then sell the listed security/securities to an investor(s) via primary or follow-on offerings on ORSE, to raise investment capital for the proposed building(s). Investors can then trade the listed security/securities in the secondary market via ORSE.

OREVCO's current securitized development is the OREVCO Center – Boca Raton's most beautiful, luxurious, and modern office building.

10 Main Steps

of Securitized Commercial Real Estate Development



a highly lucrative development opportunity



a business plan for the project



the project into real securities



the securities on ORSE



the project by selling the securities via ORSE



a loan(s) to finance any remaining capital requirements



the project under budget and ahead of schedule



a marketing campaign to secure a tenant(s)



and manage the development



trading of the securities via ORSE


Boca Raton’s Most Beautiful, Luxurious, and Modern Office Building


OREVCO is currently developing the OREVCO Center – Boca Raton's most beautiful, luxurious, and modern office building. The Center will be strategically located in the city's downtown. As a multi-tenant property, the Center will house the offices of several of Boca Raton's leading businesses, including OREVCO, which will relocate its headquarters from the Research Park at FAU (Florida Atlantic University) to the building. Not incidentally, the Center will also be the 1st class A office property in downtown Boca Raton in almost 20 years, thereby fulfilling a major need for class A office spaces in the city, as identified through OREVCO's market research and verified with:

  • Downtown Boca Raton:
    • Downtown Business Alliance of Boca Raton
  • Boca Raton:
    • Greater Boca Raton Chamber of Commerce
    • Boca Raton Office of Economic Development
  • Palm Beach County:
    • Business Development Board of Palm Beach County
    • Economic Council of Palm Beach County
    • Chamber of Commerce of the Palm Beaches
    • Palm Beach County Department of Housing & Economic Sustainability

A major draw of the Center will be the Boca Downtown Club – the social and business epicenter of Boca Raton. Perched atop the building, the Club will be the city’s 1st private club exclusively for social engagement and business networking, among its members and their guests. It will present and host over 300 exciting and varied social and business events each year, at its venue and beyond. The Club’s social amenities will include a gourmet restaurant, cocktail bar, social lounge, and more. And its business amenities will include a business lounge, conference rooms, phone booths, and more. The Club's members will also have ample leadership opportunities to tailor their membership experiences via a board of directors, board of advisors, and committees.

Once completed, the OREVCO Center – designed to be an architectural masterpiece – will take its place as an iconic landmark of Boca Raton.